What’s Your Mindset Around Money?

Changing habits of old takes time and perseverance. If you have had an upbringing at all like mine you will need to have a total change of mindset to get to through this.

How money has factored into my mindset

My upbringing was focused around never having enough. Being one of seven children there was never any spare cash around and a well known saying bandied around by my parents at the time was ”money doesn’t grow on trees dear”. This mindset led to four little words that I now know you should never think or say but were very common in my upbringing – “I can’t afford it”.

Why is it so important not to think in these terms? Well, it’s quite simple really. If you use these words you are turning your mind off and telling your mind that you can’t afford it. Try another approach for example by saying “How can I afford this”? It even sounds better and more positive doesn’t it? Another phrase I like to use is “Gosh it’s expensive to buy a brand new car. I think I will buy a used car”. You make the choice as to whether you invest your money in something brand new or whether you purchase as used item. However you look at it, you haven’t used the big, bad words “I can’t afford it”.

Now the realistic part of me honestly struggled to grasp this philosophy initially. I wanted to shout out “Well actually I can’t afford it at the moment” but then I took a step back and thought “Yes, I could try this method”. Take some time to think about how often this phrase pops up in your life and try to create some alternatives that you can start using from now onwards. Remember if you continue using “I can’t afford it” you will be forever living in “I can’t afford it”.

Tomorrow’s tip – Money is a symbol of freedom not survival.