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You Are The Average of Who You Associate With

All successful entrepreneurs have many of the same characteristics.  They are focused, driven, relentless in their quest, not easily put off, and work to a plan. You too may share all these characteristics. However, like every other person they too have times of self doubt. So what is it about entrepreneurs that make them bounce back, get up, dust themselves off and try again?

Why is it important who we associate with?

A large part of it is resilience and refusal to be beaten.  Entrepreneurs have a stubborn focus on the “I can do this” mentality which drives them to amazing feats. Secondly, they have perfected the art of who they associate with. There is a well known saying around  – “you are the average of who you associate with”. Worth giving thought to.

Putting it in perspective, an entrepreneur has to be motivated and willing to tackle just about anything that is thrown at them so it makes sense to ‘hang out’ with like minded, up beat people too. You can’t live the life of an entrepreneur constantly listening to people who are telling you one bad luck story after another or constantly telling you that your idea just flatly won’t work (without even trying it).

It is imperative to associate with people on the same mission. You need the enthusiasm and motivation of people that ‘get’ what you are doing and what you are about. I once read a wonderful little book called…

“How full is your bucket?”

It describes relationships in our lives that full our bucket (enhance our lives) and relationships that take from our bucket (drain our lives). Now this analogy crosses over all realms of our lives from friendships, relationships/marriage, work, sport etc. It is normal to expect to give from your bucket to help a friend in need or a colleague with difficulties but the most important point made in the book was that we all need to step back and analyze our relationships to see which ones are a fair split of give and take and which ones are all about taking.

It’s not just about how people deal with you either.  This is a great opportunity to look within at your own interactions with people in your life. Are you playing fair? Are you taking too much from someone’s bucket or maybe you are putting back in more than you should? It’s important to determine what relationships are ‘good for you’. You have control of the part you play in every relationship no matter what kind of relationship it is.

So, to participate like an entrepreneur take a moment to look at who you associate with. Are you enhancing each others lives in a motivating and inspiring way? Will these relationships keep your success on track and desire for the challenge burning? If not, it’s time to make some decisions…

Associate with the right people

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