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What GKIC Can Teach You About Sales And Marketing

Here’s an interesting sales and marketing scenario but one that probably happens quite regularly.

I received an email from Dave Dee, Chief Marketing Officer for GKIC today. Some of you may have seen it too. Anyway for those that didn’t Dave explains that he and Dan Kennedy have upset some folks over there, one guy in particular, because of all the emails they have been sending about the live training he’s doing in a couple of days.

They think GKIC are promoting their sales and marketing strategies too aggressively and too often.

Well guess what… They make no apologies for that. They view what they are doing as important. Sales and marekting is their passion and what they are doing will help you make more dollars and transform your business into what you really want it to be.

Dave and Dan believe that it is worth it to upset some people if it motivates more people to take action and do something that improves their sales and marketing strategies. (You should feel the same way about whatever you’re selling.)

Don’t be apologetic about what you are doing. Have the passion to push through and past the naysayers. If you’re marketing correctly those that find your drive and enthusiasm too over whelming can simply unsubscribe or request to be taken off your list. Don’t be alarmed about losing a few along the way. It’s the natural order of things. After all it’s better to have prospects on your list that are actually interested in what you do or what you sell than those that are always criticising your efforts.

So, if you’re looking to increase your list and full it up with enthusiastic, motivated prospects that ARE interested in what you do then I suggest (gosh I hope I haven’t been too aggressive) you download:

Take action and start your sales and marketing journey to business success now.