Wealth Attraction and Abundance

I once read a wonderful phrase – no amount of money is going to make you comfortable if you are not already comfortable with yourself. Putting it another way, abundance should never be a factor of how much money you have, rather it is a factor of how you feel about the money you have. When we think of wealth attraction the word abundance always pops up. The dictionary explains abundance as extremely plentiful, over sufficient quantity, affluence or wealth. So to think abundance we must think to ourselves that everything is plentiful and there is nothing we need simply things that we want.

Abundance and need

The second we tell the mind we need something we trigger a desperation or survival reaction. This reaction repels instead of attracts so the wealth or success you desire is inadvertently being reversed. Train your inner and outer voice to express your wishes and desires as ‘wants’ instead of ‘needs’. Instead of saying “we need to close this deal today” (as that reeks of desperation) try “wouldn’t it be great if we finalised this deal today”.

What can you turn around to reflect a ‘want’ instead of a ‘need’? Give it a go!

Tomorrow’s tip – Write down your goals.