What is Mastermind?

Attention: Busy Entrepreneurs that want to earn more and have more free time…

If You Want to Make Faster Progress with Less Effort, "Masterminding" is One Of the Top Strategies Used by Virtually All Successful People.

"Analyze the record of any person who has accumulated a great fortune
and you will find that they have either consciously or unconsciously
employed the "Mastermind" principle."

-Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, studied 500 of the most successful and influential people of his time to learn their secrets and principles of success. Hill discovered and documented the fact that all of the successful people he interviewed had a Mastermind group supporting them. All used the principle massively and deliberately.

What is a Mastermind Group?


When you participate in a high-level mastermind group you are surrounded by other sharp, like-minded entrepreneurs. During the mastermind, everyone in the group holds each other to a higher standard to pushing each other to new levels of success. We share trade secrets and resources with fellow members giving each other a huge advantage over the competition in our respective industries.

As Dan Kennedy often states, "the biggest breakthroughs will come from OUTSIDE your industry". And that’s exactly what happens. You’ll learn and adopt ideas from other industries and apply them to your niche creating breakthroughs that will leave your competitors in the dust.

The number of stubborn business owners who REFUSE the help of such a coaching group amazes me. It seems they’d rather do it all themselves. And in doing so they miss the obvious and end up creating a "job" for themselves rather than the freedom and financial independence they deserve.

Have you ever heard of an Olympic Gold Medal winner that didn’t have a coach? Of course not! Where do you think Valerie Adams or the All Blacks would be right now without their coaches? And, if gold medals were handed out to top entrepreneurs, you’d find the same.

The Problems with trying to improve your advertising, marketing, sales and business strategies on your own…

♦ Never finding the time to focus on your business.
♦ Not having a path and a guide….floundering with too many disconnected and disorganized ideas.
♦ Takes too much time to pour through hundreds of books and courses.
♦ Change is hard; too easy to fall back into comfortable habits.
♦ Feeling like an "odd duck," resistance or criticism from others.

By participating in the Mastermind Group, you gain…

 A capable guide, or two in this case – Wayne & Moyra Matson, GKIC’s Certified Business Advisors – leading you along an organized, proven path to progressive, positive improvements

  • High-Priority Curriculum: a series of EXCLUSIVE mini-lesson DVD presentations by Dan Kennedy, supported by Hand-Outs; Examples; and selected Reference Material…..condensed, concise, designed for immediate practical application
  • Coaching – every top performer uses "coaches," from Arnold Palmer to Tiger Woods to CEO’s and entrepreneurs…to "push" them about change. Wayne & Moyra have been trained and certified and receive continued training in effective coaching techniques, based on Dan Kennedy’s 30 years’ experience coaching entrepreneurs to breakthroughs in business, income and wealth
  • Group Reinforcement – anytime you attempt change in your business, you’re bound to encounter skepticism, resistance, criticism and procrastination from others around you…..now, finally, you’ll have a group of like-minded, progressive business owners successfully applying the same ideas to strengthen the courage of your convictions.

    Who Should Participate in a Mastermind Group?

    Business Owners…Entrepreneurs… or, Self-Employed Professionals In Private Practice who …

    • Have an open mind and progressive attitude.
    • Are extremely busy and need a time-efficient way to learn and grow.
    • Are highly motivated to make improvements in marketing and sales methods.
    • Are eager to substantially increase income.
    • Are eager to bend the business to facilitate personal and lifestyle preferences –to be its master, not its slave.
    • Are willing to share ideas and experiences, and help other like-minded business people.
    • Value being part of a creative process.
    • Are practitioners of the "principle of slight edge" – a successful person always seeking improvement.
    • Can be counted on to participate.

      Who Should NOT Participate?

      • If you are set in your ways, stubborn, fearful of change.
      • If you are satisfied with or married to your present advertising, marketing, sales methods.
      • Have no need or desire for increases in income, wealth, business value.
      • Are selfish.

      What is the Auckland GKIC Mastermind Group?

      It’s 5 Beneficial Business-Building Experiences in 1 Program!

      • Facilitated, Accelerated Learning & Application of GKIC/Dan Kennedy Marketing and Business Success Strategies.
      • Friendly Accountability & Encouragement.
      • A Mastermind Group Experience: Creative Thinking Multiplied.
      • Peer Advisory: "Sounding Boards".
      • Opportunity for Co-Operative Alliances with Other Local Business people.

      The Auckland GKIC Mastermind Group meets once at month from 9 am -12 pm. Our first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 2nd October 2013 and will be held at our office, 39A Ngake Street, Orakei. It will be facilitated and led by Wayne & Moyra Matson.


Who are Wayne & Moyra Matson and Why are they Qualified to Run This Mastermind Group?


Wayne Matson, Mastermind Facilitator

Wayne Matson has over 34 years experience owning and running many successful businesses in New Zealand. He has weathered the challenging economics of these times, has a strong work ethic and a get the job done attitude. He has taken a core business from a one man band to 18 employees and 9 million in revenue thanks to Dan’s training.

Wayne has sourced products from international markets for many years and made long term, enduring business relationships in USA, Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Germany, England and Australia. Wayne is also technically savvy having built and maintained websites and designed and produced an extensive range of marketing material.

Wayne has been an entrepreneur since the age of 7, happy to spend hours inventing and creating ways to make money. Moving into his adult years he developed these skills to realise his ambitions in marketing and training.

"I’ve been a serious student of marketing for as long as I can remember. A commitment to marketing is like a gym membership. It’s a lifelong journey. Just when you think you’ve got it and stop "going to the gym" your results get flabby. You can’t expect to go to the gym for a few months and come out looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger"
– Wayne Matson.

Moyra Matson, Mastermind Facilitator

Moyra has over 20 years experience in Sales and Marketing in both retail and wholesale markets. Her early years were spent in the RNZAF and those disciplines and procedures have shaped both her personal and professional life.

She has had extensive hands on experience in many different industries covering event management, inventory control, staff selection and management, administration and office functions. Moyra has designed and run training modules for a variety of staff across many different industries, has had experience with merchandising and photo shoots including selection of product, layout and proofing prior to print. She was also an award winning Real Estate Agent for over six years and has authored two books.

"I have a natural desire to help people and really enjoy the buzz I get from seeing people reach and exceed the goals they have set for themselves" – Moyra Matson.


"The strategies that Wayne reveals in his book, "7 Rules For Business Prosperity In The New Economy", literally turns ‘conventional business thinking’ on its ear! Wayne was lucky enough to be personally mentored and trained by me.

As a GKIC Certified Business Advisor, he’s equipped with an arsenal of tools that any small business owner can pick up and run with to start producing big time, bottom line results. This is exactly the kind of advice I needed when I started my career… but nobody who really knew what was going on was willing to share. If you’re a business owner and you want real improvement in your business then I highly suggest you listen to what Wayne has to say." – Dan Kennedy

About the GKIC Private Mastermind Group

Facilitated by Wayne & Moyra Matson, Certified Business Advisors, GKIC

Mastermind ($497/month)

  • Monthly Group Mastermind Meetings (3 hour session).
  • Access to our personal resources to "get stuff done".
  • 30 Minute – Monthly private call or appointment with Wayne and/or Moyra ($250/value).
  • 1 Advertising Critique per Year.

Mastermind Plus ($697/month)

  • Monthly Group Mastermind Meetings (3 hour session).
  • Access to our personal resources to "get stuff done".


  • 2 Hour, Monthly Private Consulting Call with Wayne ($1000/value).
  • 4 Advertising Critiques per Year.

Better Than 100% Risk Free Guarantee:

Book your private consulting call with Wayne & Moyra and attend your first GKIC Mastermind Meeting.

If you do not agree it’s a valuable experience you want to continue with, you may drop-out immediately after that first meeting and receive a full refund of any dues paid.

Special Bonus: You get to KEEP your private consulting appointment with Wayne & Moyra and KEEP the bonus materials from the first Mastermind meeting. That’s a minimum guaranteed cash value $547 even if you cancel!

You may also discontinue your membership and drop out of the Group at any time with 30 days notice (so we can quickly fill your spot). You continue only as long as you are receiving great value! What could be fairer than this?

Numbers will be limited!

Meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of every month.

Consider Your Return on Investment…

  • How does it compare to the value of ONE new customer, client or patient in your business?
  • How does it compare to the WASTE and LOSS — that could be prevented! — of one "dud" advertisement or mailing or promotion?
  • How little of an income increase by percentage does this need to produce, to recoup the investment?
  • …..how many things do you spend this same money on everyday without thinking twice about it? Such as:
    • A double-latte, croissant at Starbucks a day.
    • 6 to 8 litres of gas a day.
    • A magazine bought at a newsstand.
    • One movie ticket (no popcorn).

Compare That to What Investing in Mastermind
Will Give You…

…The ability to harness your Creative Energy, Laser Beam Focus, Clarity to take Action, the Tools and Blueprints for Effective Marketing, Restored Passion and Enthusiasm, Connections with other Like-Minded People and Revitalized Profits

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