Making The Most of All Marketing Opportunities

As I sit in front  of my trusty laptop this afternoon, fingers poised to rattle off a couple of paragraphs to kick off the newsletter, the wind is literally howling around our house and from the vantage point I have at my desk it leaves me with no inclination to set foot outside. The lower North Island has been totally battered by bad weather and considering it is the middle of Spring we could be forgiven for expecting something better.

So what has weather got to do with marketing you may ask?

However, this got me thinking about the correlation between good weather and marketing opportunities. At the first glimpse of Spring sun we all rush around like people possessed, ripping into our wardrobes to unearth any item of clothing befitting of a Summer’s day. We bundle ourselves and our families into the car and head for the closest patch of park, beach, river or the like while subjecting those around us to our rather dazzling, lily white legs, that haven’t seen the light of day for quite some time.

Our marketing efforts need to be tackled with just as much gusto. Just as we leap into action when the sun shines we need to think about doing exactly that any time throughout the year when there is an opportunity to tailor a promotion around an event ie: Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years Day.  Retailers generally do a great job of this and really know how to piggyback on an event and make it work for them.  Whether you sell a product or a service there is no reason for not making the most of an ‘event’ to get in touch with your audience.  Give them a reason to come and see you or to contact you.

Some key points to remember:

  1. Decide on “Who” your promotion is for.
  2. Decide on “What” your offer will be.
  3. Decide on “How” you will deliver your offer.
  4. Now just “Do it”.

Just remember – every opportunity lost is one lost forever!

For more ideas on how to craft an excellent promotion for your business join us at our next Profit Workshop Webinar.  For more details and to register click this link  GKIC Profit Workshop. Our Webinars are jammed packed full of great marketing ideas that you can duplicate and use immediately. Don’t miss out.

See you there!