One Size Won’t Fit All When It Comes To Websites

When you’re face-to-face with a customer, client, patient or prospect you can ask and answer questions, plus give them the personalized attention they need to feel as if your business and yours alone is THE one for them. This type of engagement is essential if you want to grow your business. And we’ve talked in…

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Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn and his Secret to Success.

Early this morning I was reading a short article from Dave Dee, Chief Marketing Officer from GKIC and it was too good not to share. We all have times in our lives and our careers when we doubt our direction, what we are doing or struggle to find that golden nugget that’s going to make…

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marketing message

How Clear Is Your Marketing Message?

For the last few weeks here in Auckland the NZ Transport Agency has been running a “secure your load” campaign reminding both commercial and private vehicle users to tie down and firmly secure their loads when traveling on the motorway. I use the North Western motorway nearly every day and have seen the over the…

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Star Trek

What Star Trek Can Teach You About Business Tenacity

Star Trek… How did that became the topic of my blog today? Well, let me tell you… After whipping up a batch of good old kiwi pikelets for Sunday lunch I sat down with hubby to enjoy a fresh coffee and the results of my not so shabby culinary skills. As I sat down a…

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sales and marketing

What GKIC Can Teach You About Sales And Marketing

Here’s an interesting sales and marketing scenario but one that probably happens quite regularly. I received an email from Dave Dee, Chief Marketing Officer for GKIC today. Some of you may have seen it too. Anyway for those that didn’t Dave explains that he and Dan Kennedy have upset some folks over there, one guy…

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work from home

How to Work From Home and Still Be Productive

I bumped into a friend a couple of days ago who had just closed her rented office to work from home. This got my thinking… Whilst working from home can be a perfect solution for some of us, it can be somewhat of a double edged sword for others if they allow it. We have…

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Turn Yourself Into a Top Marketer

Our journey with Dan Kennedy and the Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle (GKIC) has endured at least six or so years now and we are amazed at the quality of the information they consistently provide us with. We are literally bombarded by offers and ideas which sometimes can be so overwhelming we don’t get time to…

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Marketing – Do You Follow Like Sheep?

Some of you will know by now that we’ve been be following the famous Dan Kennedy and GKIC for about six years now. They offer so many resources and real life examples of good and bad marketing that they have inspired us to follow our passion and take on this marketing journey. What’s marketing got…

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multiply customers

How to Multiply Customers at Blinding Speed

A couple of days ago this blog came through from GKIC and it’s simply too good not to share. Written by Dave Dee it offers some fabulous ideas and ways to grow your business in ways you probably thought a traditional business shouldn’t operate. Have a good read through and see what you can adapt…

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associate with

You Are The Average of Who You Associate With

All successful entrepreneurs have many of the same characteristics.  They are focused, driven, relentless in their quest, not easily put off, and work to a plan. You too may share all these characteristics. However, like every other person they too have times of self doubt. So what is it about entrepreneurs that make them bounce…

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