Have an Attitude of Gratitude

To be in the right mindset to attract wealth, opportunities, people and resources to accelerate what you are doing you have to start you day with an attitude of gratitude.  Every morning when you wake take five minutes to write down three or four simple things that you are grateful for. It could be your health, your family, your faith or something that has happened to you. You could be feeling very grateful for a day or evening spent with wonderful friends. Maybe the project you were working on has come together.  It could be something as simple as a great workout at the gym.

Why is gratitude so important?

To follow the principles of the Law of Attraction you attract more of what you focus on. By feeling true and honest gratitude for something that has happened in your day automatically brings more of that good stuff back to you.

Remember too that this is YOUR gratitude moment. Whatever you choose to write down is specific and personal to you and needs no  influence or input from anyone else. It’s important to start your day thinking of something other than money. By turning your focus to gratitude every morning you also step into your day with a pleasant and positive mindset.  This of course impacts on how you handle everything else that happens in your day and your life.

Tomorrow’s tip – Think like want instead of need.