Get Your Message Seen Above The Rest

Recently, GKIC posted the above statement… “What is the best email subject line you have written or read lately?” You might be thinking “Who cares?” or “What’s that have to do with selling my product or service?”

So, how do you get your message seen over the rest?

Well, you need to care and it has EVERYTHING to do with selling your product or service. In today’s fully automated, technology based society it’s really difficult to get your business message seen above all of the rest. You only need to check your morning email to see a barrage of emails, often from people you have never heard of, to realize that how hard it is now to get noticed. Every day we run the risk of our messages landing in the “deleted” box before even being read. Standing out from the clutter takes work and gone are the days of people reading every email out of politeness or duty.

If you are marketing to your audience via email the very first thing someone will see is your subject line. This has to be punchy, it has to be interesting and it’s got to tease your prospect enough to make them want to open it. If you get your prospect to open your email, well congratulations you have got to first base. That was probably the hardest part.

From here if you have any intention getting to second base or hitting a home run you had better have something to offer that is going to excite. Even with all this in place if you are talking to wrong prospect you have effectively hit a foul ball as you and I know that is not going to go anywhere. Too many foul balls and you will be off the team!