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Do You Have a Role Model or a Mentor?

Do you have a role model; someone you look up to or admire, someone you model yourself on? Many of us have more than one role model in our lives. After all, we have so many different areas of life like family, sport, business, social and a variety of others. It would be unreasonable to think the one role model could be everything for you in all these areas. Also, as we grow and our lives change or take on a new direction, so may our choice of role models.

What’s the point of a role model or mentor?

Having a role model or several role models in your life shows you have a desire to succeed or a desire to step up and take on new challenges. Anyone that has no interest in improving their life or moving out of their comfort zone will fail to see the benefit a good role model could play in their life.

On a personal level I remember an important role model from years ago when I first started competing horses. Preparing a horse for competition was a lot about prior training. Both horse and rider had to be mentally and physically fit and able to cope with the level of competition. On the day however one of the key aspects, dependent on the type of competition, was and still is presentation.  Riders would drag themselves out of bed at horrible hours of the morning to wash, plait and polish every aspect of their horse and gear to give them that leading edge. What many riders missed however, were the finishing touches on themselves that set them apart from the rest.

This was something I identified with my role model right from the beginning. At a competition she looked immaculate. Her riding attire was spotlessly clean, well fitted and stylish and she always wore makeup. The makeup bit may sound silly to those of you who are not familiar with the equestrian world. When you are about to ride around getting all hot and bothered why would you go that far? It’s simple really. If you want to succeed you need to look the part in every possible way. Unlike many others I chose to follow these simple principles and learned to present myself and my horse in the best possible fashion every time I competed. When you know you look the part you are already on the journey to success.

For success in business and in life we need to constantly be changing what we do and looking for new ways to improve or move to another level.  Think about successful people that you could learn something from.  Who could you follow that will take you to another level and move you out of your comfort zone?  Don’t limit yourself by following only one role model either.  Never be afraid to learn from more than one person.

“If you want something you have never had then you’ve got to do something you have never done”.

Take the first step to working with a role model for your business.