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7 Simple Steps to Success and Making Money

The strongest factor for success is self-esteem:  Believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, and believing you will get it.

I find success an interesting topic simply because everyone measures it so differently.  What might be a measure of success for a school leaver in their first job is going to be very different to that of a 30 year old with a wife and three children to support. That’s the beauty of it all really as the goal posts change as we grow and develop. Just take a second to think back on what you thought was success in your life say 10 years ago and then do the same but think back to 20 years ago. An exercise that will of course only apply if like me, you have the luxury of age on your side!

Success and making money

If you are motivated to either start your journey to success or continue the journey you have already started then check out my quick tips that will help you stay on track and attract the success you deserve.  Over the next seven days I will post only one step a day.  This will allow us time to fully focus on each relevant point.

Today’s tip:

Step 1:  You are not taking away from anyone else.  Don’t feel guilty about making money.

This is a biggie.  People will buy from you if you have a product or a service that they want, need or desire.  This is their choice to purchase and you are fulfilling a need for them.  If you are operating in an honest and ethical fashion you have no need to feel guilty about making money. Be confident that you are giving value and getting paid well to do so.

Also remember that just because wealth appears as addition to you it does not mean it is subtraction for someone else. If you are successful at what you do and are making money doing it you are not taking from someone else to earn that money.  To be truly successful where wealth attraction is concerned you need to get rid of bad ideas around money ie: “I don’t have enough, it costs too much”.

Coming from a large, relatively poor family I lived for years with the mantra of “I can’t afford it”.  Born into the cusp of Gen X and Baby Boomers the philosophy of the time was “the rich get richer and poor get poorer”. Whilst we all learned to work very hard we never learned to work smart and lived in the world of never having enough, harboring a bad attitude towards money. I call these negative money triggers.

Here’s a quick but effective exercise to get tune in your mindset. Grab a scrap piece of paper and write down as many negative money triggers that you can think of.  I’ll start you off with a few of my favorites:

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

You have to work hard for your money.

Money is the root of all evil.

I’m sure by now you will have added some great negative money triggers.  What I want you to now, is take that piece of paper, hold it above your head and crumple it into a ball.  Go on, screw it right up.  Now with your best ever basketball slam dunk shot throw it in your nearest rubbish bin.  If you want to really make a point you could even burn it!

Now that we have got rid of all our negative money triggers stand by for tomorrow’s tip – Have an attitude of gratitude.