role model

Do You Have a Role Model or a Mentor?

Do you have a role model; someone you look up to or admire, someone you model yourself on? Many of us have more than one role model in our lives. After all, we have so many different areas of life like family, sport, business, social and a variety of others. It would be unreasonable to…

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law of attraction

The Law of Attraction for Businesses

When the alarm went off at 6 am this morning and I struggled to put one foot in front of the other I wondered how many other people were clutching the duvet in desperation, unwilling to face the harsh reality of the chill of the morning.  As the country goes through another winter cold snap…

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business coaching

Is Business Coaching for Excellence or Endurance?

I bet you never thought business coaching and horse riding would have much in common? Well they do, and here’s why… I am a very keen horse rider; so keen that I own my own Rolls Royce model of horse named Hugo who is stabled a 35 minute drive from home (that’s when traffic is…

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GKIC Super Conference – No B.S Good Stuff

The Glazer Kennedy Insiders Circle holds their Super Conference every year around May. This is their largest annual event and members travel from far and wide to enjoy three solid days of inspiration, learning and sharing of minds on a multitude of business topics. Having attended our first conference last year in Dallas, Fort Worth…

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