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Overview of Our Latest Profit Workshop…

Our second Profit Workshop kicked off on Wednesday, 25th September on a somewhat gloomy, cold day. Gloomy for two reasons; one, the weather and two, the loss of another race to Oracle in our battle to secure the America’s Cup. With only one life left hanging in the balance I think it would be safe…

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GKIC Hits NZ With It’s First Local Workshop

Join our GKIC Profit Workshop and unlock the keys to further your success. Wednesday, 28th August 2013 marked the day of our first Profit Workshop here in Auckland.  As the GKIC way of teaching is relatively new and not too well known here in New Zealand we were thrilled with the turn out and with…

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Creating a Memorable USP

What is a USP and why should we have one? A USP or Unique Selling Proposition is a short and snappy pitch that tells people what you do, both quickly and in the most memorable way. Think of it as your elevator speech. If you were chatting to someone you didn’t know in an elevator…

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The More You Give the More You Get Back.

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” – Jim Rohn The hole that you give through is the very same hole that you receive through. If you really want to be successful you first must be willing to give, give and give some more. It doesn’t matter if it…

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Money is a Symbol of Freedom not Survival

Too often in our quest to be successful and accumulate wealth we get stuck viewing money as a means of survival. That is easy to do too when it is not plentiful. I have memories of earlier years living from pay packet to pay packet and I’m sure a lot of people still do the…

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What’s Your Mindset Around Money?

Changing habits of old takes time and perseverance. If you have had an upbringing at all like mine you will need to have a total change of mindset to get to through this. How money has factored into my mindset My upbringing was focused around never having enough. Being one of seven children there was…

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goal setting

Goal Setting for Business and Personal Success

How many people do you think take the time to write down their goals? Some choose to make this a task for the beginning of each year giving them focus on both a business and personal level for the following 12 months. I have done this myself for the many years now. My goals are…

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Wealth Attraction and Abundance

I once read a wonderful phrase – no amount of money is going to make you comfortable if you are not already comfortable with yourself. Putting it another way, abundance should never be a factor of how much money you have, rather it is a factor of how you feel about the money you have.…

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Have an Attitude of Gratitude

To be in the right mindset to attract wealth, opportunities, people and resources to accelerate what you are doing you have to start you day with an attitude of gratitude.  Every morning when you wake take five minutes to write down three or four simple things that you are grateful for. It could be your…

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making money

7 Simple Steps to Success and Making Money

The strongest factor for success is self-esteem:  Believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, and believing you will get it. I find success an interesting topic simply because everyone measures it so differently.  What might be a measure of success for a school leaver in their first job is going to be very…

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