Are You a Networking Superstar?

Networking… it’s that thing we do to grow our business, right? Well it should be but my observations from many networking events I’ve attended leave me a little disappointed. You will always have your enthusiastic participant that knows why they have attended and are focused to get the most out the event to help expand…

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How Changes to the Facebook News Feed Affect Small Businesses

Here are some fabulous tips from GroSocial – a division of Infusionsoft explaining changes to Facebook and how to deal with them. A worthwhile read for all social media marketers. Over the last month, Facebook has made several noteworthy changes to the News Feed, which affect marketers’ interactions with fans and change how small businesses…

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Referrals – The Quickest Way to Double Your Business

Here’s a fabulous blog from our mentor Dan Kennedy. Dan takes the mystery out of growing your business using referrals and outlines how simple it is to entrench some good habits for yourself and staff to see you customer base sky rocket. So how can referrals work for you? Let me ask you a question……

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Will Your Business Be In The Winner’s Circle?

Well, January has come and gone and the first month of the year is out of the way. The politicians are getting up steam in this election year and they are on their soap boxes already giving us the good news that 2014 is going to be a great year. Not only them though, all…

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Get Your Message Seen Above The Rest

Recently, GKIC posted the above statement… “What is the best email subject line you have written or read lately?” You might be thinking “Who cares?” or “What’s that have to do with selling my product or service?” So, how do you get your message seen over the rest? Well, you need to care and it…

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getting started

The Secret to Getting Started

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain Are you waiting for the perfect conditions? How many times have you had an idea or worked on a project just to have it fizzle out and not go anywhere? As I write today I’m looking out of our office windows to a wet,…

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The Beauty of Silence

I usually enjoy knocking out my regular blog but this time I have opted to share some words of wisdom from the fabulous Lee Milteer. We met Lee at our first GKIC Conference in Dallas in May 2012 and after hearing her speak we were impressed with her forthright, down to earth approach to life…

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Making The Most of All Marketing Opportunities

As I sit in front  of my trusty laptop this afternoon, fingers poised to rattle off a couple of paragraphs to kick off the newsletter, the wind is literally howling around our house and from the vantage point I have at my desk it leaves me with no inclination to set foot outside. The lower…

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GKIC Super Conference

GKIC Super Conference For The Best Marketing Advice Out There

The Glazer Kennedy Insiders Circle holds their Super Conference every year around May. This is their largest annual event and members travel from far and wide to enjoy three solid days of inspiration, learning and sharing of minds on a multitude of business topics. Having attended our first conference last year in Dallas, Fort Worth…

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increase sales

What Are You Doing Today To Increase Sales?

To succeed in any business our bottom line aim has to be to increase sales. We do this by creating more sales opportunities, converting more opportunities into sales through effective closing and encouraging our existing clients to buy our product or service again and again. Today I would like to share a very short blog…

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